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Buoy Ball with Trapeze Bar

The Buoy Ball with Trapeze Bar by Gorilla is a playground favorite, since it’s quite unique. Kids love climbing on it, swinging from it, and sitting and wrapping their legs around it. It’s so versatile, since you can use it in so many ways! When used with the trapeze bar, you have the added fun of the straight bar and the handle grips!

You can easily take off the buoy ball and use the trapeze bar without it.

The buoy ball is a soft and light-weight rubber ball that inflates into the size you need! It includes all spring clips and plastisol coated chain with the product.

Included with the Buoy Ball with Trapeze Bar:

  • Buoy Ball
  • Trapeze Bar with Handles
  • Plastisol Coated Chain
  • 2 Spring Clips

Buoy Ball with Trapeze Bar Dimensions:

18″ Tall and 15″ Diameter

Product Specs

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