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Half Bucket Toddler Swing by GorillaHalf-Bucket Toddler Swing

The half-bucket toddler swing by Gorilla is for younger children who are not quite ready for the big swings yet. The half-bucket swing features galvanized bucket hangers and a polymer molded seat that holds up to 50 pounds. The small chain in the front offers extra safety to hold the child in place. It simply fastens on or off. The chain is plastisol coated for a no-pinch grip from little hands.Our swings also have built-in UV protection so that they won’t heat up or fade in direct sunlight.

Half Bucket Toddler Swing Product Features and Detail:

  • Plastisol coated chain
  • Safety chain for front

Half Bucket Toddler Swing Dimensions:

  • Bucket Height: 8.5 inches high
  • Bucket Length: 6 inches long
  • Bucket Width: 15 inches wide
  • Chain Length: 61 inches long

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