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Heavy-Duty Toddler Bucket Swing

This Heavy Duty Toddler Bucket Swing by Gorilla is for active or larger toddlers who still need a swing to accommodate them and their needs. It offers more protection and wider leg holes to assist the larger toddler and give them wiggle room. No seat belt is required, since the toddler swing comes up higher in the front.

Heavy Duty Toddler Bucket Swing Product Features and Detail:

  • Suitable for ages 2-6
  • Solid design and full all-around casing
  • Spring clips needed for easy mounting
  • Supports up to 85 lbs
  • Be sure to order spring clips for easy mounting

Heavy Duty Toddler Bucket Swing Dimensions:

Height: 15 inches tall

Width: 16 inches wide

*For Residential Use

Product Specs

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